ArmChemFront 2018
Frontiers in Chemistry
21-25 October 2018
Frontiers in Chemistry


Poster prizes

The three best posters presented during the poster session on Tuesday, October 23rd, were awarded with poster prizes. The poster prize jury consisted of Eva Hevia, Rienk Eelkema and Maria Angeles Fernández-Ibáñez. First, second and third place were presented with a certificate and a sum of 200, 150 and 100 euro, respectively. We thank the open access journal Molecules for their sponsorship of the poster prizes.

The poster prize winners of Frontiers in Chemistry, Armenia 2018:

  1. Jonathan Tellers (University of Parma)
    "Dynamic Cross-Linking of Polyethylene via Sextupole Hydrogen Bonding Array"
  2. Partha Jyoti Das (Ariel University)
    "Thioxobimanes: new ligands for coinage metals"
  3. Olga Mulina (Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry)
    "Oxidative transformations of sulfonyl hydrazides under the action of electric current"
Poster prize winners

The three poster prize winners from ArmChemFront 2018, from left to right Olga Mulina, Partha Jyoti Das, and Jonathan Tellers.

Best Talent Scholarship

To foster Armenian academic talent in the context of the conference, the Best Talent Scholarship was conceived. This scholarship, supported by PMI Science, funds a three-month research internship in a renowned chemistry lab in Europe for a young Armenian student or postdoc. Nobel Prize laureate Ben Feringa and invite speaker Rafal Klajn formed the selection committee. On Thursday October 25th Maryam Davtyan from PMI Science announced the winner to be:

Liana Hayriyan (Armbiotechnology, NAS Armenia)

Best Talent Scholarship winner

Best Talent Scholarship award ceremony with from left to right selection committee chair Ben Feringa, conference chair Syuzanna Harutyunyan, winner Liana Hayriyan and PMI Science representative Maryam Davtyan.